Evade The Negative

by KON™

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released September 9, 2016



all rights reserved



Creating hip hop since the early 90's. This artist has focused on delivering raw lyrics with aggressive approaches to music industry. He has released many songs and albums yet to be looked over by the mainstream. He continues to create and develop hardcore boom bap music for the hardcore hip hop listeners with no plans on changing for the mainstream media. ... more

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Track Name: Detrimental
Spit fire out the base of my nostrils
The solar flaming index is something colossal.

The only way out with (this)pad or the pen.
I'm a skeptic here with the vision to see through men.

The beats, snap, crackle and pop to bang you out.
Killing off negative subjects that stand in my route.

All these wack artists need to listen, seriously backtrack.
They lost when the record labels wanted they cash back.

A shift, change in the way you been hearing this hip hop.
A paradigm, a break in the way you been mistaught.

A subject matter is something to loosen your braincells.
You're subjugated to trash to beats cause it sounds well.

My only dedication is to add in some substance.
A threat to these mainstreamers screaming they non-sense.

The mission isn't over til you hearing me broadcast.
A radio rendition with the boom bap on blast.

Writers have failed you, leaving you lost.
I'm a counter it, no matter the cost. These goons be off.
I'm focused, my power is the light within.
I'm a strike with the power of 10, engaging them.

Here's a message for these(you) trolling haters.
You only hurting yourself, go walk through lasers.

Your body parts split from the heat of the impact.
I slice up a bottomfeeder's negative feedback.

It's only makes sense for me to crush you mentally.
This isn't just a good tune coincidentally.

The theory is to resurrect the state of the Boom bap.
Your 808 beats are like soda that went flat.

The media is approaching us out of they place.
They ask for it, probably need a kick in the face.

I can spit bars, but ya'll let the content run loose.
These stations they need to give that boom bap some more use.

I'll write truth and real til I'm gray on the face.
You disintegrate into dust without no trace.

I was calm til these rappers stopped being cohesive.
Their brain functionality is lacking adhesive.


Therapeutic with the highest intent.
I a mean what I say and I'm a say what I meant.

I'm a fire up vocals that'll set your mind right.
The culture took a hit with these goons in the limelight.

But they don't want to hear it, a closed minds don't get fed.
It's a travesty they're either sidetracked or braindead.

My tolerance is short for this babbling goon rap.
The main observation is to kill auto-tune rap.